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In the Rostov Regional Cardiological Clinic you can kachestveno survey the cardiovascular system to make EKG and ultrasonic, to investigate blood, to receive consultation from the highly skilled expert - cardiologist and if necessary to lead effective treatment.

The urgent cardiological help Rostov OKD

Computer diagnostics and modern medical devices allow to receive particularies on a condition of your bodies and systems. In convenient time you can pass medicamentous and not medicinal medical procedures. They will be carried spent in a day time hospital Rostov OKD and will help your organism to overcome available problems or to reduce risk of their occurrence.

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The prevention(warning) and treatment of cardiovascular diseases

At inspection the information necessary for diagnostics of a condition of patients (including EKG, ultrasonic, laboratory tests etc.) is fixed and will be worn out in dispansernuju a card of the patient. The comparative analysis of the current condition of the patient and these data allow doctor - cardiologist OKD to judge processes in cardiovascular system of the patient and to specify the diagnosis. It will if necessary be carried spent daily monitorirovanie works of heart or train the patient and give out to him on the house system for removal and transfers EKG by the phone.
Such approach allows to lower risk of occurrence of complications at dispansernyh patients OKD.

For subscribers at whom the increased risk of occurrence of cardiovascular diseases, the clinic has developed system of life preventive maintenance which consists of stages:

  1. Revealing at the patient of disease or the increased risk of occurrence of cardiovascular disease.
  2. Entering of the patient into special system of the warning (the patient becomes subscriber OKD).
  3. During all life, not less often than two once a year, the subscriber passes dispansernoe inspection, receives recommendations and, if necessary, passes a rate of adjusting therapy.
  4. At change of state of health the subscriber has the right to tell by phone EKG and to receive consultation of highly skilled doctor - cardiologist OKD. For maintenance of such opportunity on the house the telemetering prefix is given out to it(him).

The program of preventive maintenance provides significant discounts at payment of medicines and services OKD. 

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