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  1. I do not manage to install him and I met these messages: The MATDS-directory must be a current!
    Probably you incorrectly installed the program. The archive with the program should be unziped in the catalogue with a name 'matds'. After start MATLAB this catalogue should be current. For this purpose it is necessary to give a command cd <path to matds directory>.
  2. When I want editing something in the MATDS window, MATLAB send me an error message?
    Maybe you use non MATLAB syntax. Write to me please if the mistake will arise again. Inform that precisely you tried to enter and what version of MATLAB you use.
  3. I want to use your program. Can I to use your code to? It is free?
    MATDS ia a free software so you can use program and code too. I would be glad to receive the information on use MATDS. If you will develop special algorithms that they could be included in MATDS.
  4. Where is the help or documentation file?
    Unfortunately, there's no help or documentation file for MATDS (at least not yet). I don't have enough free time to develop MATDS and write documentation at the same time. There were some initiatives in the past for writing a help file, but they weren't realized. If you have some time and would like to help write a some instruction, I would be very grateful. Development of the program began recently, and unfortunately there are no English publications and textbooks for the user now. As soon as they will appear I will send it to users.
  5. Can I donate to support for further MATDS development?
    First, I would like to say that I'm very glad that you want to support MATDS by donating! However, if you want to send some money, you can do that either by bank transfer or via post mail. Contact me (by e-mail) for more details. Oh, and I would like to clarify that since MATDS is free software, you're not obligated to donate by any means, but would make me very happy if you do so.


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Last modification 20 May 2004

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