To install DESIR package you must:

  • a) Have TURBO PASCAL TPC translator (versions 5.5 or 6.0or 7.0).  
  • b) Take ZIP archive with DESIR istallation programm and ZIP-archives of corresponding version :

  • c) Extract ZIP - archive to temporary directory 
  • d) Start program INSTDES.EXE 
  • e) Copy TURBO-PASCAL files of corresponding version (tpc.exe,turbo.tpland graph.tpu) to      ...DESIR/TPC directory.  
  • If you get DESIR package pleasesend some information about you to VasiliyGovorukhin.

    1) Name:

    2) Institution:

    3) E-Mail:

    Please communicate any comments or suggestions to authorV.Govorukhin.

    Sorry, but only Russian helpfile is avaliable now, but the author will be very
    thankfull to all english-speackingusers for questions and comments.
    It helps me to prepare manualin English!

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