Russian version
"Introduction in Maple. Mathematical package for everybody"

M.: Mir, 1997, 208 p.

Maple is the system for analytical calculations that offer a powerful tool in solution of mathematical problems. More than 2000 thoroughly-tested Maple utility commands can be used to solve the problems in algebra, mathematical analysis, differential equations, statistics, graph theory and so on. The system includes developed graphical library and programming language.

This book helps the reader to get acquiantance with the system and start solving research and training tasks using Maple. Getting free from the stale computations fraught with mistakes the reader will be able quickly reduce a complex problem and, thereby, save time for creative work. The possibility of passing from analytical calculations to the direct ones and easy visualization of obtained results make Maple a natural environment for both novice and expert.

This book describes Maple V Release 3 for IBM PC under Windows. At the same time the biggest part of book is dedicated to commands, language and those Maple resources, that do not depend on base platform (SUN, Mac, etc.) and are preserved in a new version -- Release 4 Power Edition.

The book is meant for students and specialists who study mathematics and/or apply it.

Maple is trademark of Waterloo Maple Inc. .

  1. Introduction
  2. Maple environment
  3. Analytic manipulations
  4. Basic mathematics
  5. Mathematical analysis
  6. Linear algebra
  7. Differential equations
  8. Mathematical libraries
  9. Programming
  10. Graphics
  11. Mini-investigations
  12. Conclusion